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Whatever your reason for relocating is, and although it can be very exciting, it is also very common to stumble upon different problems or obstacles.


Some or most of these obstacles you might overcome by yourself or with help from friends, family, colleagues or neighbors, but sometimes you might feel stuck, lost, or alone and not know where to go for help.



Common worries, I can help you with are:

  • Construing a social network

  • Feeling lonely

  • Career concerns

  • Language barriers

  • Adapting to new habits and integration in Barcelona

  • Sorting out healthcare

  • Raising children



From when we are born, we go through different life stages that makes us unbalance and challenge us to find our new balance. This makes us grow and evolve. But sometimes we get stuck and need help to go through these transitions. I'll mention some examples where I can help:


  • Birth of a child, becoming a parent

  • Birth of a new sibling

  • Changes at school or work

  • Surviving adolescence

  • (Cyber) Bullying

  • Separation or Divorce

  • New love partners in the family

  • Loss or grief (losing a loved one, a job, illness, moving to a different country

  • To overcome abuse or other traumatic experience,...)


We spend many hours per day at work or at school. If you are very preoccupied with work and/or school-related issues it probably affects you in other areas of your life as well. I can help when someone in your family is experiencing:


  • Decreasing performance because of intense emotions that take over

  • Problems to concentrate, pay attention and motivate oneself

  • Procrastination

  • Finding a balance between professional and personal life

  • Preventing or healing from burnout

Life Transitions
Work School


 There are no bad emotions. There are positive and negative emotions, and we all experience them. But we tend not to like the negative ones.  And sometimes they seem to take over control of our lives and we don't manage to deal with them in a constructive way. I can help you to find a healthier way to regulate your emotions. Some examples where emotional struggles can exist:


  • Uncontrollable or bottled up anger

  • A feeling of intense and frequent sadness or hopelessness

  • Dealing with depression, anxiety, or chronic stress

  • Living with fears, phobias or obsessions

  • Hyperactivity or Hypersensitivity

  • Self-harm or suicidal thoughts



Human beings are social beings and need to feel connected to others. When these connections are lost or damaged, suffering can exist. I can help you get this connection back and gain improved relationships in the family environment.


Some examples of challenges, where I can help you to feel connected and together. 



  • Being a parent and a partner at the same time

  • Mindful Parenting: develop a safe and more thoughtful child-parent relationship

  • Making time for and enjoy your family in a high-demanding (tech) society

  • Managing screen time in the family

  • Helping your child develop a healthy social life online and offline

  • Difficulties in growing a pleasant social life

  • Learn to communicate and resolve conflicts better

  • Damaged self- esteem or self-confidence

Emotional Balance
Relating to others
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