How (healthy) do you use screens in your family?

School wil start soon and I take the opportunity to invite parents, children and teenagers, to talk about the use of screens and technology in the family!

It's important to be informed about the effects on the brain that is still developping and about the effect on our behavior. With that knowledge, it will be easier for you to make healthy decisions for you and your family.

This sounds interesting to you?

September 20th, at 11h, I will inform and provide useful guidelines and tips for your family during a talk at Turó Medical Parc. Will you join us in the conversation?

It will be a 1 hour talk, free of charge. Click here for more details.

Hope to see you there!

In the next days I will post information about more upcoming events between September and December in English and Spanish. If you want to make sure to receive the information, sign up for my newsletter in the CONTACT section of my website.


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